I cannot speak highly enough of Customized Pilates! Rhea is very personable, easy to work with, extremely professional and offers uplifting instructions. I recommend Customized Pilates for anyone interested in strengthening, toning, and firming their body or just looking for additional flexibility! I felt and could visually see a difference in only 3 sessions!!!

Victoria L.
Round Rock, TX

I LOVE working out with Rhea Willis. Her personal fitness level is inspiring, and her bubbly personality combined with intelligent wit turns working out into about as much fun as you're allowed to have in a day. I absolutely recommend her.

Cynthia N.
Austin, TX

Rhea is a super-energetic instructor who works with Pilates students at all levels. She truly customizes a one-hour workout to meet my needs! Her home studio is very comfortable and makes regular sessions more affordable than large studios. I recommend her highly!

Sharon W.
Austin, TX

Talk about cross training! Rhea Willis woke up some muscles that my other workouts weren't engaging. Her cues were perfect in getting me to keep my core muscles engaged throughout the entire workout. Who knew Pilates was this challenging? That must be why it's called Customized Pilates because where I was stronger, Rhea made the workout harder, where I was wimpier she cut me some slack :) I liked Rhea's style and her Pilates equipment very much.

Debra C.
Pflugerville, TX

Rhea is the best coach. After trying Pilates I was amazed how many muscles I wasn't working on when I went to the gym. The Pilates core training really made a huge difference in my mid section making clothes fit better (getting back into my 32" waist trousers!) AND my back stopped aching every morning. Her enthusiasm is totally catching - and easy to talk to and comfortable home environment! Yea!

Neal G.
Georgetown, TX

I’ve done yoga a few times and decided to give Pilates a try using the Pilates equipment. I've always heard great things about the machines and Pilates, so I decided to give it a try. I found Rhea Willis online and signed up for a one-on-one session. I don't really like the classes with a bunch of people in them. I was with her for an hour and a half and loved every bit of it! She was very informative and helpful guiding me to do the proper poses and techniques. I will be going to her again!! Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to start a healthy lifestyle, stay in shape, and have fun at the same time!! Thanks Rhea!!

Stacy B.
Austin, TX

I was so impressed by the level of professionalism of Rhea Willis and Customized Pilates. She really takes the time to get to know you and learn about pre-existing injuries, your fitness level and goals, and what works for your body. There is no judgment and you feel supported and successful. Rhea is accepting of everyone, no matter if you have exercised before or not. In every class, she creates a safe space where each person can move, as she is comfortable. What's more, working in the privacy of her studio makes me feel so at ease. Rhea delivers results and you'll actually love "working out" for a change especially when you see definition in muscles and improved posture. I can't say enough great things about Customized Pilates - I always leave feeling more relaxed, stronger and more flexible. I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Debra D.
Austin, TX