Rhea Willis


My name is Rhea (pronounced Ray) Willis. In 2003, after a routine physical, my doctor told me that if I couldn’t lower my cholesterol through diet and exercise she would medicate me. That was motivating enough for me to search for an exercise method that I would stick to for life. That's how I discovered Pilates! I liked it so much that I wanted to teach it. With the combination of a more nutritious diet and Pilates I lowered my cholesterol and improved my overall strength and physique. My doctor was impressed and so was I.

I found I enjoyed Pilates and discovered its benefits personally. I was so excited when I achieved my personal wellness goals – I enrolled in the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher-Training Course with the goal of training others in this remarkable exercise method. Investing in the 600 hours of training, I then turned my home into a comfortable studio with very best, state-of-art handcrafted wood Pilates equipment to begin the process of sharing with others the benefits of Customized Pilates.

The most important part: finding a good coach. My passion is to be a supportive coach and make exercise an activity that can be fun as well as challenging, netting visible results that make the effort worthwhile. I’d love to be your coach and share the benefits of Pilates with you.



Certified Trainer Rhea Willis